Decline Of Humanity - Corrosive

6 songs
27:14 minutes
***** **


You can’t become any more old-school than this. French band Decline Of Humanity combine thrash and death metal with a little hardcore elements into a sound that, although never innovative, is destined to make your ears bleed. Starting in the end of the last millennium, the band recorded most of this EP in 2004, then split, reformed two years later and finally released their debut Corrosive on Thundering Records. The question arises why they didn’t use that time to record a couple more tracks and make it a longplayer.

Anyway, Corrosive has its moments. The guitars have this nice speed metal sound from the late Eighties, the bass guitar has this pummelling sound so remindful of Danny Lilker’s involvement in Anthrax, Nuclear Assault and Brutal Truth. The vocals are pure hatred and would work better if there was more variety. The production sounds a bit muddy too, which is probably ok for this style of music, but the obvious qualities of the band would have been even more emphasised with a more transparent mix.

There’s a seventeen minutes long concert video and a video clip on the data part of the CD, but then if you belong to the category of people who only watch their videos on YouTube, then you probably don’t care that much for that bonus material.

What remains is a short half hour of late Eighties sounding death thrash which is entertaining enough, a good if not really essential start for a French band that deserves to be looked out for in the future.

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