DEF DUMP - David Versus Corporate Society

Def Dump - David Versus Corporate Society

12 songs
49:04 minutes
***** *****

Nothing really new here. As David Versus Corporate Society, Krishna Versus Global Media Industries was sold out, dEFDUMp decided not only to re-release it, but insisted on adding the five songs of the equally excellent Circle's Closing EP. I never really liked their first EP, but the follow-up Hemp Core was already excellent new school meets old school core. But since Circle's Closing, dEFDUMp are not only the best Luxembourgian band ever, but also one of my favourite hardcore bands in the world. There are probably a lot of people who own both albums featured on this release, and they might only be interested in the CD-ROM part which I haven't had time to watch yet. But all those who are not yet familiar with dEFDUMp should absolutely buy this re-release, because you will get nearly 50 minutes of Europe's finest hardcore.

Funnily enough, both title tracks are also the two best songs on the CD, especially the David song which not only is really long for a hardcore song (7 minutes), but also is a great synthesis of brutal emo core, technical progressive metal and anger at the most extreme. Especially Usel had learned to use his voice not only as an instrument, but as a lethal weapon.

If you can't find this CD in your record store, you can get more information on dEFDUMp's excellent homepage. Did I mention the rating? Well, there's only one possible choice: 10!

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