DEFEATER - Lost Ground

Defeater - Lost Ground

6 songs
19:14 minutes
***** ****
Bridge Nine


Last year, promising hardcore newcomer band Defeater made quite an impact with their great debut Travels. Now they are back already with a new sign of life, the six track EP Lost Ground which clearly shows the band’s progression.

Defeater consequently follow their path without radically changing the style adopted on the predecessor. Their songs are rarely longer than three minutes without forfeiting the essentials. The breaks and switches from aggressive to sludgy parts never fail, guaranteeing that the EP is more than just a rehash of the debut. The mix of hardcore, punk and emo is still superb and should appeal to fans of bands like Modern Life Is War and the likes. The songs mostly come with a raw edge but always surprise with impeccable harmonies. No matter if they play fast or slower, their sound displays an authenticity that increases the listening experience. Every single track is a hit, with Home Ain’t Never Home and Beggin’ In The Slums showing the band at their hardest respectively their slowest.

Lost Ground has become a little concept album although the music is eventually what counts, and there are certainly no complaints in that department! This EP is so full of dynamic energy that you can’t help enjoying it.

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