DEFENESTRATION - For Us It Ends When We Drown

Defenestration - For Us It Ends When We Drown

5 songs
19:12 minutes
***** ****


Band name, album title and cover artwork don’t reveal anything about what to expect, and even the first time through, I was still left clueless, as the five Brits do their own thing consequently, not caring for usual structures.

Vocalist Gen Tasker looks incredibly cute and even a little fragile, but her vocal cords belie this impression. Full of unbridled emotions, she’s switching between growls, screams and clear vocals. This varied approach is quite unusual but also makes the final product so special.

At times the CD displays a punk feeling that draws some parallels to the Nymphs, just to be followed by distorted passages that are again closer to Détente and Holy Moses. As the band is stringing together these parts artfully, the songs never lose their interest. The question, if Defenestration were able to maintain this suspense over the length of a whole album, will be forever unanswered, as this EP was released in 2000 for a first time, and the band broke up two years later.

It’s hard to categorise Defenestration, although extreme crossover would be an adequate approach. I don’t know why the label decided to re-release this EP of this no longer active band, but I certainly welcome their decision, as For Us It Ends When We Drown never fails to amaze me.

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