DEFICIENCY - The Prodigal Child

Deficiency - The Prodigal Child

10 songs
62:19 minutes
***** ****


Back in 2011, Deficiency from the Lorraine region in France left a really great impression with their first album State Of Disillusion. The band plays modern thrash metal open to different influences. Two years later they are back with The Prodigal Child which doesn’t stand back in no way to its predecessor.

As in the past, the band once again comes with fast riffs and harmonic dual guitar harmonies. It’s especially the latter which recall numerous thrash metal bands from the late Eighties. Deficiency show that they have a very nuanced approach with the vocals that alternate between old-school screaming and more contemporary melodic parts. A first highlight comes with the explosive Unfinished which has a very straightforward approach but still surprises with some groovy moments. A Prospect Of Travelling Beyond is an great example to show how much the band is at ease in mid-tempo territory. The excellent vocals and the virtuoso guitar lines are done without a fault. On Those Who Behold and The Flaw, the band displays its more aggressive side which works just as well. Some tracks even have unexpected piano parts. A Way Out Of Nowhere is a mostly instrumental track which allows the musicians to prove their technical skills. The album finds its crowning achievement in the eight minute long The Curse Of Hu’s Hands which summarises all that came before in a very complex finale.

Evidently there are a lot of parallels between State Of Disillusion and The Prodigal Child, but it would be wrong to state that the band has repeated itself. The new album goes a little further than the first one, and the band has improved on its technical and songwriting skills. It’s undeniable that the quartet has put of a lot of effort into their music to make sure that every demanding thrash metal fan will get their money’s worth.

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