DEFORMITY - Superior

Deformity - Superior

12 songs
40:51 minutes
***** ***


Belgium... a country which makes you think of French fries, decent indie pop and strong soccer for such a small place. Death metal never seemed to be too big of an issue there so far, but Deformity are just the band to change that. I know it's hard for death metal bands nowadays to define their very own style, due to the limits of fast metal, but Deformity know how to turn those apparent obstacles into something really creative.

Subtle melodies hide beneath ultra fast death metal that's very technical on the one hand, but on the other hand there's a lot of room for thrash and grindcore elements. A lot of bands have already merged different extreme styles into something coherent, but not many come out with such a strong production, so many ideas and variety. Just listen to Vassago: starts out as a grind song and ends very doomy.

Deformity are not your ordinary metal band, but then, by looking at the band photo, you'll see that they are normal looking short haired guys. OK, looks don't matter, but somehow this may indicate that the music matters more than the image. So if you like the technical stuff from Cannibal Corpse or intelligent death music from bands like Immolation, you surely will be well served with Superior.

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