DE LÄB - D’Wourecht

De Läb - D’Wourecht

8 songs
24:17 minutes
***** **


Luxembourgish hip hop is still quite an underground phenomenon, a sub-culture of its own, in the recent past not really intermingling with the different rock scenes. But about a year ago, things changed, with bands like the technically flawless Uranami making the first step, and then, at last year’s ELIE awards, they got their expected prize snapped away from local newcomers De Läb, who may not play live instruments, but whose down-to-earth attitude and intelligent lyrics – in Luxembourgish language – brought them many fans from the start.

Their first EP D’Wourecht contains their awarded track Trank vun der Vernonft, even if my secret hit is the groovy Stop zum Boom. Their recordings lack the punch of a professional studio, so you catch yourself wishing at times for a more dynamic sound which would give their songs more structural depth. But the lyrics make up for that: instead of relying on aggro clichés, this hip hop three-piece raps itself through their songs always with their tongues firmly in cheek. Always entertaining, but I can guarantee that they are even better on a live stage, when they can improvise and include their audience. This becomes especially clear on the a cappella Staarken Tubak am Diss’ney Land, which in a live setting just build up more steam and humour.

D’Wourecht EP is, at the time of this writing, already a year old, and it should be hoped that De Läb will soon resurface with a new album, hopefully a full-length one this time. Their award and all the recognition they received afterwards should be motivation enough to make it really big not only on the hip hop, but on the general Luxembourgish music scene.

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