DELMOE - Die High Butterfly

Delmoe - Die High Butterfly

15 songs
55:24 minutes
***** *


Delmoe is a German rock trio that’s been around since 2008. After their EP You Have A Bird, they are now back with their first longplayer Die High Butterfly. Next to classic rock music, you will also find elements of grunge, blues and boogie-woogie, which lets you expect a rather traditional album.

The opener Yeah does have some nice rocking moments, but all in all the song feels too tame. This is the band’s major problem which can be heard all through the album which turned out too long for my taste. The songs too often lack pace and a sense of dynamics that would help pushing things ahead. Occasionally the band is acting a little dirtier and noisier, but even then the forced sounding raw vocals and the bluesy touch don’t feel right. I prefer the part with clean vocals which remind me sometimes of Placebo, other times of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Delmoe may label their style as adult rock, as I doubt that they are addressing themselves to younger audiences. The blues faction might get their money’s worth, and rock fans from the Nineties won’t mind either. Parallels to bands like Love/Hate, Black Crowes and Madrugada seem to be in order.

In the end I am not at all convinced by Delmoe. There is not a single truly bad song on the album, but that doesn’t mean that you will find standout tracks. Only the retro sounding Carousel which reminds me a little of Mott The Hoople’s All The Young Dudes, has turned out optimal. Otherwise the songs are dragging, even though few of them are more than four minutes long. This band is not yet ready to entertain for an entire hour, so maybe next time they had better concentrate their energies on a more concise EP to find where their strengths lie.

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