DEMENTED ARE GO - Welcome Back To Insanity Hall

Demented Are Go - Welcome Back To Insanity Hall

14 songs
40:21 minutes
***** ***
People Like You


It’s not that the only thing Wales has to offer is Shakin’ Stevens, but also psychobilly band Demented Are Go from the capital city Cardiff. The band has been around since 1982, but somehow I managed never to come across them until now. Maybe one reason is that they haven’t released that much music, with Welcome Back To Insanity Hall being only their eights studio album to date. And it’s been seven long years since the predecessor Hellbilly Storm.

The cover artwork looks admittedly a little silly, and the music also comes from a band that isn’t taking things always too seriously. After a spooky intro, the title track instantly shows what to expect. The songs are actually rather simple, but still have tremendous entertainment potential. Especially whenever the going gets faster, comparisons to Meteors, Motörhead and Nashville Pussy are in order. The main point is that it all sounds dirty and raw. Especially the jaded voice of singer and original member Sparky, lying somewhere between Paul P. Fenech and Lemmy Kilmister, is striking. Not surprising, considering that he claims to be wilder than a people’s revolt! While the first half of the album shows the band from its rocking side, the second half also has room for quieter moments. Gone astonishes with violins and could have been dance music in a saloon from a western movie. Out In The Dark is another mellow track that wouldn’t have been out of order in one of the Porky’s movies. They also cover a track by Q65 where especially the harmonica works nicely. The concluding Dark Angel is even a perfect exercise in boogie.

You can choose between the regular album and a limited edition with two bonus track, but no matter which one you prefer, it’s obvious at the latest after a quarter hour that psychobilly isn’t dead. Welcome Back To Insanity Hall is an incredibly varied record which aims at retro rock’n’rollers, punks, goths and other crazies alike. The forty minutes of music had me entertained quite thoroughly.

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