Demiricous - One

12 songs
40:50 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


After the release of two EPs, Indianapolis based thrash/death metal band Demiricous is ready for a first full-length CD. The musicians admit being old American thrash metal fans and don't deny their influences like Slayer, Exodus and Kreator, even if the latter band is from Germany.

My first impression about their debut CD One was being hauled twenty years into the past. The parallels between One and the thrash milestone Reign In Blood are often quite obvious. Especially the deeply tuned guitars and the furious doublebass drums have been heard before on Slayer's all time classic. Songs like Withdrawal Divine, Cheat The Leader and especially Beyond Obscene wouldn't be out of place on a Slayer tribute CD.

But let's stop just comparing those two bands because no one reaches Reign In Blood and because there are nevertheless difference between them. What distinguishes Demiricous from other old school thrash metal bands are the raw vocals known from Swedish death metal and some grind core acts. Even if the songs contain enough midtempo parts, One has become a real brutal thrash album that will invite to mosh and bang around. After the last track Hellraisers which is the only speed bomb, you surely will be exhausted.

One is a fine piece of thrash metal that has the potential to receive deserved recognition from the thrash and death metal community. It's surely not too original, but great music which respects its roots and intentions.

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