DEMIRICOUS - Two (Poverty)

Demiricous - Two (Poverty)

12 songs
40:13 minutes
***** **
Metal Blade


In 2005, Demiricous from Indianapolis released their excellent debut called One which sounded like a tribute to thrash metal icons like Slayer, Exodus and Kreator, but also contained some death metal elements. Their new album, logically titled Two and subtitled Poverty, consequently follows the path started on the predecessor.

The opener Never Enough Road offers an angry and fast start with strong rhythm arrangements that show immediately what Demiricous is all about. The following Expression Of Immunity To God is another smasher where especially the vocals and the excellent guitar playing underline again their obvious Slayer influence. But Demiricous is more than just a classic thrash metal band. The vocals are also going into a more hardcore orientated direction that give the entire product a more modern image.

Most songs are played at an impressive pace, as was already the case on their debut. The arrangements are quite complex yet the musicians master flawlessly this organised chaos. Highlights are the intense Tusk And Claw, Celebration Of Chaos with some Celtic Frosty guitars parts and the groovy Knuckle Eye with its great guitar solo. The album ends with a dark and doomy instrumental, a welcome variation from the rest of the album.

Two is yet another above average metal album, but the surprising effect of its predecessor has vanished. Demiricous should have taken more risks to create an album more different from their debut. Let’s hope their next album, doubtlessly called Three, will prove that there is more to Demiricous than shown so far.

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