DEMIURG - Breath Of The Demiurg

Demiurg - Breath Of The Demiurg

10 songs
40:02 minutes
***** ***


Demiurg is the new band from Paganizer/Ribspreader main man Rogga Johansson who also helped occasionally on Edge Of Sanity albums. This new outfit also features Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Nightingale) and Johan Berglund (This Haven) as session musicians on drums/keyboards and bass.

Their debut Breath Of The Demiurg (a deity from the Ancient Greek mythology) is a solid black and death metal album influenced by bands like Satyricon and Entombed. But furthermore, the band succeeds in giving a new dimension to the brutal death metal genre. Funeral doom parts are creating a spooky atmosphere that makes you shiver when listening for instance to the opener The Dreams Without End. The album contains also some simple, fast and tight brutal metal songs (Monolithany, The Primitive Machinery, The Doom That Came To...) that are trademarked by melodic choruses, harmonic guitar lines or unforeseeable breaks, and therefore don't risk becoming monotonous. City Of IB is my favourite track on the album as its theatrical atmosphere brings new elements into the death metal genre. Samples of horns and orchestra are a further refreshing element.

It's nearly unbelievable that an album can be at the same time atmospheric and tough. Breath Of The Demiurg may be only a debut, but the musicians behind this work are scene veterans which explains its high quality. Demiurg is a band that brutal metal fans should keep an eye on.

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