DEPRESSED MODE - Ghosts Of Devotion

Depressed Mode - Ghosts Of Devotion

9 songs
51:18 minutes
***** **


Depeche Mode? No, the name’s Depressed Mode, and makes sense for the sound of this young doom death metal band from Finland. Ghosts Of Devotion, their debut album, features nine songs, all of slow like molten lava, but still never crossing the seven minute border. That’s also quite something in that genre. The guitars are ultra-heavy, digging themselves into your brain, and are contrasted by many piano parts that add a certain gothic feeling to the music. Depressed Mode even provoke by covering a Burzum song, although the final result could have been one of their own compositions.

Ghosts Of Devotion always works best when Depressed Mode emphasise on the slowly crawling guitars, approaching the style called funeral doom, and conjuring an atmosphere of gloom, loneliness and despair. I can’t imagine these youngsters being prone to telling jokes, but what the heck, they are good at what they are doing, and their CD is more than respectable for a debut release.

Especially the vocals are quite varied, from deep moans to black metal screams, and from death metal growls to enchanting female vocals, it’s all there. Moving between the lovely melancholic and the depressingly sad, Ghosts Of Devotion is certainly not an album to be enjoyed on a sunny summer day, but without a doubt the ideal soundtrack for cold autumn and winter evenings. If the band will concentrate more on their funeral side, they have the potential to become one of the very big bands of the genre.

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