DEREK SHERINIAN - Molecular Heinosity

Derek Sherinian - Molecular Heinosity

9 songs
39:48 minutes
***** *


Derek Sherinian may always be best remembered for having been the keyboarder of Dream Theater in the second half of the Nineties, although the busy musician, who is sometimes referenced to as the Caligula of keyboards, has already a respectable discography with his band Planet X, uncountable session work for popular rock artists (Kiss, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol and many more) and of course as a solo recording artist. Molecular Heinosity is already is sixth solo album, although he has hired the reliable talents of guitarist Zakk Wylde, bass player Tony Franklin and drummers Brian Tichy and Virgil Donati (also a member of Planet X). Countless other guests, too many to mention, help out too.

The album starts with a trilogy of songs, starting with Antarctica, a complex prog rocker, before the short Ascension prepares us for the longer Primal Eleven. This fifteen minute suite sound like an instrumental remake of UK’s In The Dead Of Night from their eponymous debut album from the late Seventies. The next five songs are mostly heavy metal tinged progressive rock compositions, where Sherinian’s artful keyboard playing is nicely matched by shredding metal guitars that prevent Molecular Heinosity from becoming too heady. Only The Lone Spaniard allows for quieter moments. The record ends with So Far Gone, the only vocal track where Zakk Wylde sounds like his former employer Ozzy Osbourne, transforming this seven minute epic into an excellent doom rocker.

Molecular Heinosity has a furious start and a great ending. The material in between gives you the impression though that it lacks the compositional strength and stamina of the aforementioned tracks. The short running time is also a bit of a letdown, as we are used to more generous outputs in Sherinian’s genre. With a few more vocal tracks, Molecular Heinosity would have become more interesting for a general audience. The way it is now, prog aficionados will have a wonderful time, but the remaining majority out there will feel a little cheated.

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