DESASTER - 666 – Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate

Desaster - 666 – Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate

10 songs
37:26 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Apart from a high number of EP and singles releases, 666 – Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate is already the sixth album in the long career of this German band playing absolutely old school black metal with a slight thrash metal edge. There are hardly any changes compared to their previous CD Angelwhore. The only two things I noticed is that the new release is a quarter of an hour shorter than the last one, which is not a bad thing for such a fierce kind of music, and there has been a remarkable improvement in the production departement.

Desaster are playing a dirty mixture of black and thrash metal that’s free from any current trends. After a pseudo-monumental intro, the title track fascinates with a nearly hardcore fast and angry start before the song loses some speed and displays more classic black metal structures as known from the band’s main influences Celtic Frost and especially Hellhammer. Desaster are delivering raw riffs, strong bass lines, a not too coordinated drum sound and lots of ugly shrieks and demonic growls to create an authentic early days black metal sound. Desaster avoid too many repetitions, speed variations are permanently occurring on the album. Even if a song like Tyrannizer isn’t so fast, it’s still spreading enough aggression. My favourite track is Razor Ritual which isn’t too fast either, but has a sick and psychotic atmosphere. If you prefer the cruder and more brutal side of Desaster, you should like the last two songs Venomous Stench and More Corpses For The Grave.

Although 666 is not that different from their previous album, it still deserves a slightly higher rating, because: 1) The album has a more suitable running time than the previous one. The songs are in general shorter a more compact than before. 2) The better production makes for better listening. 3) Desaster are still going their own way without taking any commercial compromises. The album features guest appearances by members of Primordial, Absu and Melechesh, one more reason why black metal fans shouldn’t miss this record.

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