DESASTER - Angelwhore

Desaster - Angelwhore

10 songs
52:12 minutes
***** **
Metal Blade


Desaster from Germany have been an active black metal band since 1988. Before their new record Angelwhore, they have released 4 CDs resp. LPs and lots of mini albums, 7"-singles and split records. Their idols are Venom, Hellhammer and Destruction. The bandname which has a nearly unreadable logo was inspired by the Destruction song Total Desaster.

Angelwhore begins with the seemingly mandatory yet boring instrumental intro, with over two minutes simply too long without contributing anything useful to the record. The first regular song The Blessed Pestilence annoys in the beginning because of an awful drum sound. But after one minute, I get the impression that Desaster did this on purpose. In general, the producer shouldn't be too proud of his work. But I suppose that Desaster wanted to create such a sound to recreate the atmosphere of metal as it was twenty years ago. If you're not too obsessed about a clean sound, you may come to like the retro flair on Angelwhore.

Concerning the songs, you can't expect too much originality from Desaster. As their music is a tribute to their early black metal roots, the song writing is mostly very close to back then established acts. At least there is a change of speed and not every song is sounding the same. Some tracks are real wild and crude, like Ghouls To Strike and Revelation Genocide. Conqueror's Supremacy is absolutely sick and the singer is sounding like he's suffering from severe pains. There are some songs played at a slower pace, sounding like Hellhammer or very early Celtic Frost (Angelwhore, Havoc, Nihilistic Overture).

What Desaster do is completely different from now popular and more melodic black metal bands like Dark Tranquillity, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth, etc. Everyone who's missing the good old days of black metal may discover its original charm on this record.

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