DESCENDING - Enter Annihilation

Descending - Enter Annihilation

12 songs
46:38 minutes
***** **


Newcomers Descending from Greece aim with their debut Enter Annihilation mostly at a death metal, thrash metal and metalcore audience. Partly they have done a good job, but it is evident that they also need to mature.

From a technical point of view, there are no complaints. The different styles are combined seamlessly. But as so often with young bands, there is a sore lack of originality and variety, which becomes especially obvious on the second half of the CD where we hardly find any new ideas. From a stylistic point of view, Enter Annihilation is most suitable to fans of melodic death metal of the Swedish school and to those who like driving metalcore. Your Valentine and Horror Show, two highlights on the CD, have a strong groove that leaves fans of brutal music wanting for more. Another strong point is how Descending always cut to the chase without padding their songs with unnecessary fillers. Even the decently played keyboard parts don’t disturb in this context. Former Nightrage guitarist Constantine surprises with his fervent playing. The screaming vocals remind me rather of Children of Bodom’s melodic black metal. The catchy Part Of The Game falls out of line with its melodic chorus that could come from one of those modern metal bands. The hardest moments come with the tracks Killer Instinct and Competition Suicide Role.

Descending can fall back already on quite a few ideas, but they don’t yet know how to combine them in a more effective way. I don’t doubt their potential, but maybe next time they should spend more time on the arrangements and try add a more personal note to their already quite good sound.

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