DESERT PLANET - Mortal Kombo

Desert Planet - Mortal Kombo

13 songs
39:22 minutes
***** ***


It’s amazing how Finland with its five million inhabitants has been able to leave such an important mark on the international music scene, be it metal, hardcore punk or, as in the case of Desert Planet, game pop music. Active since the early days of the millennium, this three-piece consisting of two musicians and a VJ have entertained their fans with strange electronic music by only using the cheapest synth sounds available.

It is obvious that these guys grew up spending a lot of time in front of video games, and who can blame them? Coming from Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland, they have to endure winters that take up more than half of the year, forcing people to wisely choose indoor activities.

After five CDs, Desert Planet are celebrating their tenth anniversary with their brand new album Mortal Kombo as a gift to their fans. A lot of artists have been giving away their music for free lately, but few offer them as high quality 320 kbps MP3 downloads with cover and even a booklet which explains the concept of the album, starting from the band’s beginnings to their activities in the present time. Split into five parts (Intro, Expedition, Match, Victory and Outro), the thirteen mostly short tracks once again combine their virtues known from previous releases. The synthesizers sound like those from archaic 8-bit videogames, the beats are tinny, matching the retro flair of the music, and occasionally we get badly rendered acoustic instruments (accordion, guitar) that could come from a cheap kiddie toy. It speaks for Desert Planet that they are able to concoct a tasty fun cocktail that should get a smile on the lips of every avid gamer. Mortal Kombo is not better, but definitely also not worse than their preceding records, and that speaks for the band, as they don’t just offer half-baked, as yet unused pieces to their audience. Those who want to check out their back catalogue without wanting to immediately buy all of their CDs should consider acquiring Extra Ball, a compilation of older material also released this year, courtesy of 9PM Records.

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