DESTINATION ANYWHERE - Party, Love & Tragedy

Destination Anywhere - Party, Love & Tragedy

13 songs
37:04 minutes
***** **


After two EPs and a longplayer that could be downloaded free of charge on the band’s homepage, Party, Love & Tragedy is already the fourth release by German ska punk band Destination Anywhere who saw the light of day in 2006. As is often the case in this genre, a lot of musicians got together to play music. The eight band members create their sound with vocals, guitar, bass, drums, trombone, trumpet and two saxophones.

The album starts with How You Feel, an exemplary opener which skilfully combines pop, punk and ska. This is certainly not groundbreaking, but the sheer joy of playing is undeniable and works in the band’s favour. The following two pieces continue in this vein, before Let Us Lie provides reggae sounds that come across as a little too nice. There are three further quieter tracks, where especially I Can Wait feels a little lifeless. Destination Anywhere’s forte are without a doubt their quicker songs where the wind section is harmonising excellently with the rock instruments, inviting downright to dance. I can imagine that this works even better in a live situation.

The notion of German ska music has lately often been an invective, because our neighbours to the east of the Moselle river often lack the necessary coolness for this genre. Destination Anywhere most of the time do a great job though and add a lot of pop punk elements la Blink 182 to their songs. This gives their album the essential vitality that every party music needs.

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