DESTINY - The Tracy Chapter

Destiny - The Tracy Chapter

12 songs
44:01 minutes
***** ***


I don't know that much about Destiny, except that they are from Northern Germany and that The Tracy Chapter is their second album, although their first for Lifeforce Records. OK, I am a champion when it comes to losing label info sheets, and the band's homepage is still rather bleak at the moment, so I decided to let the music to the talking.

Destiny play this kind of modern hardcore metal music which we all like so much at the moment. They are never as complex and aggressive as the current math metal boom, but also not as easy listening as the megasellers MTV is trying to shove down consumers' throats. So it seems that it is easier to say what this band is not. And this is what they are: close to the thrash metal genre, with mostly throaty vocals, and a guitar player for a sense of warm emotional chords. In fact the juxtaposition of brutal hardcore thrash parts with melodic and emotional clean vocal moments prevents this album from becoming boring.

Of course the genre has been well trodden before, and although this The Tracy Chapter isn't the most original album you will ever hear, it has definitely some fine moments, like the opener Forsaken Love or the awesome Skies Dressed In Black. For those of you who are into data parts, you'll also get the video clip for Passing Moments. If you like modern hardcore bands like Atreyu, then Destiny are a sure shot for you. Apart from that, I think that their subtle combination of hard and melodic elements make them an interesting experience for all friends of loud guitar music. Worth checking out!

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