DETHONATOR - Dethonator

Dethonator - Dethonator

9 songs
46:36 minutes
***** *
(self released)


British quartet Dethonator plays a mix of thrash metal and melodic heavy metal. Founded in 2002, back then still called Kaleb, the band self-released two albums. In 2009 they opted for their new name and once again self-released an album in 2010. Two years later it somehow found its way to our reviewing stack.

The band gives as influences Pantera, John Bush-era Anthrax, Metallica and Slayer, which I can’t really relate to. First of all, Anthrax’s least interesting output came with John Bush as their vocalist, and secondly Dethonator sound much tamer than the artists they aspire to. Their songwriting is also not in the same league yet. After my third time through their CD, I still can’t find easy access to their music. Vocalist James Burton has a clean and decent voice, but he’s not that spectacular to justify its dominant role in the mix. Occasionally he adds a few growls, but they don’t change the game plan that much either.

The songwriting is quite good, but doesn’t offer anything special. The band is probably not unfamiliar with US power metal from the Eighties, and a couple of up-tempo moments even add a certain thrash flair. There are also no weak tracks, but then it is also not evident to pick any special highlight.

Dethonator play a kind of music that has been done already many times before in the past. A few good ideas are definitely not enough to set them apart from similar bands. Dethonator, for better or worse, have to live with the stigma of just being an averagely good heavy metal band. You won’t make a mistake by buying their eponymous debut, but if you forget, you won’t have missed that much either.

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