DEUIL - Acceptance / Rebuild

Deuil - Acceptance / Rebuild

2 songs
27:00 minutes
***** ***
Les Acteurs de l'Ombre


Long gone are the times when you could pin one specific genre to every single band. As time progresses, more and more artists are no longer willing to limit their horizons to just one style, so that lately one has to listen very hard to make out all the ingredients that have found their way into the music.

One such band that is really coming up with an interesting brew are Deuil from LiŤge in Belgium. The simplest way to describe their sound would be to call it simply blackened sludge drone metal, but that doesnít even come close. The strangest thing about this debut album is that it contains only two songs, with the opener Acceptance clocking in at a good seventeen minutes, while the shorter Rebuild still nearly makes it to ten minutes. Released in limited editions on vinyl, CD-R, tape and pay-what-you-want download, the record has been recorded in just one day, and frankly it shows a little. Not that this is something bad in this case, as the primeval powerful and most of the time very clear sound gives these long tracks an abrasive quality that adds to their authenticity.

Both tracks start with ethnic vocal music: the opener Acceptance with some kind of Mongolian tuva chants, and Rebuild with probably sacral Bulgarian female voices. And from there on, itís mostly digging deep into sludgy territory which by itself wouldnít be overly original, but the guitarist comes with a slightly less than expected distorted sound, adding a certain post rock or rather post metal flair to the overall experience. Occasionally the Belgians are adding some coals into the fire to spontaneously erupt in fast black metal parts, and even though this makes for some variety, itís here where the production slightly fails, especially the fast snare drum sounds too hollow during these speedier moments. Fortunately the band rather stays in elegiac, moody music that despite its extreme nature never loses its special brand of warmth that makes for such a nice contrast in the otherwise frosty atmosphere.

Acceptance / Rebuild has been released in November, the perfect month for this kind of music. The days are quickly getting shorter, the biting wind makes the temperate appear even lower, so that the funereal essence of Deuilís music couldnít feel any more fitting. Make sure to check this two song release out to render the Autumn days even darker.

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