The Devil Wears Prada - Plagues

10 songs
37:48 minutes


George W. Bush is kind of a genius. Eight years of Ronald Reagan made for some of the best anti-establishment punk and rock music of the Eighties, yet GWB somehow managed to turn his country into a theocratic hegemony where even young people adopt his crazy beliefs. In times where Victory signed band Nodes Of Ranvier (that thank God just broke up) play benefit shows for shooting victims of a Colorado based megachurch led by the homophobic evangelical preacher Ted Haggard who turned out to be homosexual himself, no one can deny that the USA live in a time of incredible bigotry. Ohio emo core / extreme metal band The Devil Wears Prada fit well into that same mould. They never tire of mentioning Christ in their lyrics, on their homepage, anywhere they go, and it works for them, or how else can you explain more than ten million plays (!!!) on their Myspace site, and a respectable Billboard chart entry that this kind of extreme music would never even have warranted of a couple of years ago?

Let’s face it, The Devil Wears Prada (named after the novel, not the movie, the band insists) are neither fish nor flesh. Eventually they perform a combination of screamo and Scandinavian tinged death metal, have a keyboarder on board who at least makes for some diversion, but it never amounts to anything more than hundreds of similar bands play today also, but without the preachy undertones. The song titles (Goats On A Boat, HTML Rulez D00d, Don’t Dink And Drance,…) betray a certain sense of humour, but underneath we find hardcore bible thumpers. If you want to know how dangerous this group of people can be, watch the Academy Award nominated documentary Jesus Camp, and you will see that the real danger doesn’t come from the Near East, but is far closer to hand. Don’t even think about wasting your money on this piece of propaganda.

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