D-FACT - The Natural Kind Of Views

d-fact - The Natural Kind Of Views

5 songs
18:02 minutes
***** ****


d-fact have been one of the big surprises of this year's Emergenza contest. Apart from the fact that they won the preselections, it was also the first time I saw them perform with ex-Clean State vocalist Marcel, who mostly plays the guitar but also adds some very effective backing vocals to the music, while main vocalist Marc is the perfect hardcore madman.

I vaguely remember d-fact's debut CD The War Undone early this millennium, but never really saw more in them than an average hardcore band. The new CD-EP The Natural Kind Of Views and their recent performances have changed my opinion considerably though. The music is mostly really heavy, a perfect symbiosis of grooving thrash metal and aggressive hardcore, while Marc changes his voice from really fucking mean and angry to sometimes psychotic moans, and it's this alternating between moods that makes d-fact one hell of a band, and if the venue is small enough and you dare to stand closely enough in front of the stage, then you will certainly feel a most welcome unease. This is what brutal music has to sound like, not only sounding distorted, but making you feel the anger in the music.

My favourite song on the EP is Don't Deny What They Ask, one mean motherfucker of a song. It encompasses everything d-fact are standing for. The CD can be ordered at the band's website and also bought at their concerts for the very social price of 5 EUR. Now that dEFDUMp and the Poshblokes have shown that Luxembourgish hardcore can be awesome, we have with d-fact another band that kicks ass.

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