Diabulus In Musica - The Wanderer

12 songs
54:51 minutes
***** **


Spanish symphonic metal band Diabulus In Musica has been around since 2006. Their debut Secrets was released in 2010, to be followed now, two years later, by its successor The Wanderer. In the past the band has been compared to Epica and Nightwish, and I doubt that this will change with the new album.

The Wanderer is definitely a solid genre effort, but Diabulus In Musica don’t really manage to set any new accents. They just put too much emphasis on the elements that made this genre so popular in the first place. The female vocalist has an incredible voice which is at ease on mellow as well as on high notes, but the production has put her too much in the front, at the expense of the instrumentation. The band also adds occasional screams and growls, but once again this reminds too much of the typical “beauty and the beast” mentality of the genre. On Blazing A Trail, they even hired as guest vocalist Epica’s Mark Jansen who shows himself from his harder side. The musicians are also beyond a reproach, and especially the tightly played double bass attacks are quite amazing. The switch between melodic and heavier parts is also successful, but I can’t get rid of the impression that all of this has been done already countless times before.

Despite these points of criticism, The Wanderer can still be listened to without any remorse. Towards the end, the album surprises with some really strong material. Sentenced To Death is a quieter track which comes with a mesmerising sense of drama. Ohiuka Bihotzetik is another incredibly suspenseful piece of music, and the concluding No Time For Repentance offers during its generous eight minute length a summary of the band’s strengths. If the band decides to continue the way their new album ends, not much can go wrong for them in the future.

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