DICK BLACK - The Lion & The Cheetah

Dick Black - The Lion & The Cheetah

14 songs
33:40 minutes
***** *


“These Belgians are crazy”! was already the famous Gaul Obelix’s assessment more than 2.000 years ago. And it still is true today, in the case of Dick Black. First of all, the pun used in the band name is not very subtle, and secondly the cover picture will also not meet everyone’s taste. At first you only see two pairs of female legs, but unfolded it reveals three completely naked women with the band members’ heads on top. Truly a matter of taste.

The same goes for the music that was not able to entertain me throughout the record. The band is clearly playing a retro sound. Dick Black must have many influences, but don’t expect anything contemporary among them. Next to rockabilly, you will find rock’n’roll, surf, boogie and even a little punk. This is partly quite amusing, as on the dynamic Black Ass Ray or on Foxebi which reminds me of Stray Cats, but other times I am completely at a loss. Daisy Sweet is too corny, and the acoustic Black Dick also failed to convince me. A lot of tracks are only average, but the CD still surprises with one outstanding song: Mechelen is a great mix of punk and folk that instantly creates a party atmosphere. Maybe it’s about RV Mechelen who once in the Eighties won the European Cup. One thing is for sure: the band comes from this Flemish city.

The Lion & The Cheetah leaves an ambivalent impression. The highlights are contrasted by too many weak moments, which eventually makes the album only an average effort. Rockabilly has never been my favourite genre, and the excellence of the Meteors is not yet reached by the Belgians. They have still to learn a lot in their rehearsal room.

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