DIE! DIE! DIE! - Form

Die! Die! Die! - Form

10 songs
37:07 minutes
***** ****
Golden Antenna


New Zealand may only be a small island off the coast of Australia, but nevertheless this country can look back upon quite a fertile music scene, certainly more interesting than that of their continent-sized brother. Die! Die! Die! come from the southern part of New Zealand, and despite the somewhat secluded nature of their hometown, they never let that restrain them. Their self-titled debut album was recorded in Chicago by Steve Albini in 2005. Two years later, the successor Promises, Promises gathered impressive reviews from all over the world, and now in 2011, they are back with Form, released down south by the renowned Flying Nuns label from New Zealand, and in Europe by Golden Antenna.

Being unfamiliar with Die! Die! Die!’s past, my first pass through their new record left me stunned. Where many bands nowadays limit their repertoire to a single musical style, the New Zealander trio can’t seem to fit enough different influences into their sound. The main ingredient is powerful indie pop, but there is also an undeniable punk energy suffusing the songs. Some tracks, like Lil Ships and Paquin, even have new wave and shoegaze components added. At other times, the three nerdy looking guys are acting in a more typical indie manner, like on the upbeat We Built Our Own Oppressors that reminded me of The Robocop Kraus, or on the short and sizzling Wasted Lands, which has all it takes to become an indie pop punk anthem for future generations.

Die! Die! Die! may not reinvent music, but their unique way of mixing different genres into something hitherto unheard makes them one of the most refreshing discoveries to date. Let’s be thankful that the band has decided to bring their message outside their small country of origin.

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