DIES IRAE - The Sin War

Dies Irae - The Sin War

10 songs
40:04 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


To dismiss Dies Irae simply as a Vader side-project would be too simple a solution. Even though Mauser (guitar) and Doc (drums) also are members of the Polish death metal cult band, Dies Irae started out 10 years ago with Mauser on guitar, before he even joined Vader.

Of course, the two bands sound much the same, which is probably what happens when two musicians play in a different band, but still with the same style, which is in this case death metal. Dies Irae may sound a bit more technical than Vader, and their songs are most of the time faster, too. Hard to say which band I like better, and also an unfair question. They are both independently (from each other) acting death metal bands, and in comparison to what's going on in the rest of Europe, and also the rest of the World, their second album The Sin War is a very good album, that shows off perfect production, a taste for intelligent songwriting: when you compare the atmospheric 3 to the following blast speed Horde Of Angry Daemons, you will know that this is a band that wants to entertain with all the faces death metal can show, and not carry you through a one style monotonous trip.

This is an album you have to listen to several times before it opens itself to you, but it's well worth the time. Fans of classic as well as technical death metal will enjoy The Sin War.

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