DIMENSION F3H - Reaping The World Winds

Dimension F3H - Reaping The World Winds

11 songs
59:25 minutes
***** ***


Dimension F3H are the new band by Morfeus (ex-Limbonic Art), a cult icon of the Norwegian black metal scene. Describing the music of Dimension F3H is no easy task. The main part of it is a combination of black metal and power metal. The astonishing clear vocals - which is unusual for an extreme metal band - by Nesmoth leave a very good impression. The music is also some of the finest the metal genre has to present: thrashy guitars, an overwhelming double bass and symphonic keyboards are able to create an unusual style. Even if the use of female backing vocals is sounding like a cliché, it is done in an atmospheric way I can only appreciate. The CD contains two more bizarre instrumentals: Waterworld and Reborn are pure electronica songs, containing techno and ambient elements. Although the music can be rather classified as dark, the lyrics are more progressive and deal about science fiction themes. This theme also gets represented on the band's homepage in a very appropriate way. Reaping The World Winds is no metal album for the masses, but for me, it is one of the most unusual and interesting ones. I only regret that the passages from song to song are sometimes a bit too drastic.

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