DIM MAK - Intercepting Fist

Dim Mak - Intercepting Fist

11 songs
43:31 minutes
***** **
Mighty Music


Dim Mak is an especially deadly kind of martial arts from Asia, but also an especially devastating metal band from New Jersey. Three fourth of death metal band Ripping Corpse have reunioned under the name Dim Mak, and Intercepting Fist is their second album to date.

In a review I read somewhere on the Internet, their music is described as cobracore... as if we didn't have enough categorisations these days. What you can expect though is a powerful combination of blast speed thrash metal, death metal and some metal core influences. The music is quite technical, and counterpointed by the barked vocals, courtesy of a vocalist who truly looks intimidating.

The song titles (Phoenix Eye Fist, Komodo Whip, Essence Of The Northern Fist) sound like they came freshly out of some Eastern martial arts movies, and as a matter of fact, if listened to loudly enough, it probably will feel like a good beating up.

Intercepting Fist is a very good thrash metal album, an album that doesn't try to sound too modern or too hype, and if I have any points of criticism, it's one the one hand the lack of speed changes which makes it hard to point out any special song. This is not that bad though, because the music itself hold enough suspense by its sheer brutality. On the other hand, the production by Erik Rutan (Morbid Angel) is in my opinion not up to modern day standards. Not that it's really badly produced, but when compared to other technical death metal bands like Immolation or Morbid Angel, you'll notice the difference. 7 points.

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