DINA 3 - Hart am Wind

Dina 3 - Hart am Wind

5 songs
16:03 minutes
***** ***


Dina 3, Germany's busiest pop band, has again released a self-produced CD. This time the record has five regular songs and was pressed in a real professional way, unlike their previous EPs that were done on CD-R. The opener Hart am Wind is a fresh and hilarious sounding pop song with a catchy melody. It's about holiday happiness and could also have been performed by Die Ärzte over a decade ago. The next song is again a happy but melancholic pop song with a strong punk bass sound. Hey Superstar is a faster and very funny song where Dina 3 are making fun of the sense and nonsense of casting shows. After three funnier songs spreading a good mood, Dina 3 offer the melancholic and serious track Prediger. It's well done and not as mellow as some of their previous ballads. Finally the album comes to an end with Tote Fische, a typical Dina 3 pop song. Compared to their last EP Porno II, you can't say that Dina 3 have done big changes, but their indie pop tunes are still great to listen to. There are not many other bands who can play pop music in such a light-hearted way.

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