DINA 3 - Kinder des Lichts

Dina 3 - Kinder des Lichts

3 songs
9:20 minutes
***** **


Kinder des Lichts is already the tenth CD by Dina 3, an extremely busy indie pop band from Braunschweig, Germany. From December 2002 until March 2005, six of their EPs have already been reviewed on this website. So we won't make an exception for the new EP even though it only contains three tracks.

The opener and title song is a bit disappointing. Without being a really bad song, it's the typical mixture of sweet pop melodies with rock guitars which we have already heard so often before on previous Dina 3 EPs. Diva, du Elende goes into a different direction and presents Dina 3 from a more aggressive side which has so far been less known from them. The last track Immer, immer wieder is a complete novelty because Dina 3 combine their definition of indie pop with funky vibes. The lyrics are again about difficult and complicated relationships.

The tenth CD by Dina 3 is again OK, even if it could contain two or three more songs. But I doubt that it might bring them a step further. There's still enough talent behind the band even if this EP is so far their weakest I've been hearing. But how long will they have the endurance to keep releasing short self-produced EPs? Hats off to them because other bands in a similar situation would have been given up already some time ago.

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