DINA 3 - Porno II (Kampf dem Hirnverfall)

Dina 3 - Porno II (Kampf dem Hirnverfall)

6 songs
17:23 minutes
***** ***


Dina 3 from Braunschweig, Germany really have a great talent in finding amusing album titles. Porno II is meanwhile their seventh EP. Once again they show that they are one of the most underestimated pop acts in Germany. Although they really write cool stuff, no label has found any interest in them so far. The opener of the new EP is Mayonesa, a straight forward pop rock song with a certain fun appeal. Sexmonster is a typical Dina 3 alternative pop song owing a lot to their influence Die Ärzte. Alles wird gut is more commercial sounding with a memorable melody. Überall ist hier is a ballad, something Dina 3 are not that great at. Dina 3 should concentrate on their strength which is simple alternative pop songs with great melodies. There are two non listed songs on the record. The first one is an vocals-only version of Jenny Drahtseilakt, the best song Dina 3 have ever written. The second one is very short and probably a sample from a movie. Again, Dina 3 can be very proud of their new songs and I still hope for them that they'll have one day the possibility to release a full-length CD compiling their best tracks.

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