DISAVOWED - Stagnated Existence

Disavowed - Stagnated Existence

10 songs
32:35 minutes


In the six years since the release of their debut album, Dutch tech death metal band Disavowed has been playing live all over the world. Their second release Stagnated Existence shows clearly the band’s experience, as from a technical point of view, their East Coast inspired death metal is absolutely brilliant. So you may wonder why the low rating? Unfortunately the production is one of the muddiest I have ever come across. Of course this progressive kind of extreme metal needs a more skilled producer than when you want to record some old school death metal, but when, as in the case of this CD, the drums sound like cardboard reproductions, and the low frequencies of the guitars and bass all melt together in an undistinguishable quicksand, then you know something’s gone terribly wrong. On the surface, you can still recognise the excellent songwriting, and that makes it even worse, knowing that somewhere in this lo-fi production, a huge unpolished diamond lies hidden.

If Disavowed want to take another such long break until the release of their third album, we can only hope that in the year 2013, they will have chosen a more skilled producer, because their excellent technical death metal just doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.

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