Disbelief - Shine

10 songs
47:56 minutes
***** ****

Disbelief are one of the best known German extreme metal bands. I first came in contact with them on their third album Worst Enemy which underlined the band's qualities. The new one Shine is a logical consequence as Disbelief show again how easy it seems to mix death metal with psycho core la Neurosis or VoiVod. I am really impressed by the shouts or vocals which sound very painful. Especially the slower parts remind me of Celtic Frost during their Pandemonium era. The instruments are tuned extremely low, which is why Shine is a slower CD than Worst Enemy, but it's sounding emotional and depressing in a very convincing way. The shouting skull on the CD cover is a graphical reflection of this very original music which may be described as contemporary or innovative metal. Without any doubt, this is Disbelief's best album so far and should not be missing in any extreme metal collection.

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