DISCHARGER - Our Hate Is Justified

Discharger - Our Hate Is Justified

12 songs
35:51 minutes
***** ****

Three young angry skinheads with even angrier lyrics in the booklet! That's mostly what kept me from reviewing the second album from Dutch street oi punk band Discharger. Even the band name sounds suspiciously like that of the most classic British crust band of the Eighties. Add the militarist (but fervently anti-Nazi) cover artwork, and it all gives you a weird feeling.

Now that I finally had to tackle the review, I was surprised at how good Our Hate Is Justified sounds. There is nothing whatsoever original about Discharger's sound, but they combine different elements into something entirely workable. It's mostly motör-rock teaming up with street punk. They may be skins, they may be oi, but their music is mostly adrenalin fuelled rock'n'roll that never achieves the power of early Motörhead albums (of course, but who does?), but that effortlessly is better than anything, and I mean anything, that Lemmy has done in the last twenty years!

The guitar is delivering timeless punk chords, but finds often enough time to get the distortion down, sounding at times a little folky, like Mike Ness on his solo stuff. The vocalist has a raw yet melodic voice, something you also don't find too often in the punk genre. The bass guitar is quite playful, adding to the overall sound. And the drums are functional enough to keep the songs moving forwards.

In Luxembourg we used to have a similar good and entertaining band, called the Skinflicks, but Discharger are even a bit better, with their fluid songwriting and, apart from the too aggressive lyrics, total lack of clichés. This is punk rock the way it was always supposed to be: angry, melodic, full of heart blood and even perfectly produced (ok now that's not punk but it helps making the album better). Our Hate Is Justified is worth checking out by every one who is fed up by the over-intellectualisation of punk music. Discharger are even so punk that they don't have a homepage or a Myspace account!

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