DISCIPLINE - Old Pride, New Glory

Discipline - Old Pride, New Glory

30 songs
86:43 minutes
***** *****
I Scream


Dutch band Discipline has been a reference in punk, hardcore and oi for circa fifteen years. After seven regular studio albums, they decided to record a tribute CD, which has turned out to become a double release. The first disc contains twelve songs which have been recorded for Old Pride, New Glory. The second disc collects eighteen cover versions which, assembled over the years, have been taken from a collection of full length albums, EPs, split releases and compilations. Discipline seem to know no boundaries and therefore not only covered punk and hardcore standards, but also dare to interpret rock and metal songs.

I actually have a soft spot for tribute albums, and Old Pride, New Glory is even one of the best I have ever come across. The selection is optimal in every possible way, putting obscure band favourites to all-time classics. It wouldn’t make sense to enumerate all the choices, but rest assured there is not a single weak track. I still want to point out a few specially succeeded songs. The CD starts with a great interpretation of the Motörhead hymn Stand, played even more disciplined than by Lemmy and company. Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It could have taken advantage from a less conservative approach. They fare better with the quiet I Wanna Live, originally by the Ramones, and Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell which even includes cheesy Eighties synthesizer sounds. That they have a knack for rock music is proven by their tackling of classics from Slade, Rose Tattoo and Social Distortion. Discipline show their rawer side when they cover Warzone, The Bruisers, Iron Cross, 4 Skins, Cock Sparrer and many more. You can be sure that the thirty songs will lead you through the manifold cover world of Discipline.

Old Pride, New Glory is bound to become a party hit. Connoisseurs of the harder underground scenes will recognise probably two thirds of the material. Even in a sober state, this double-album brought me into the right mood. Considering that it sold for the price of a regular CD, there is no reason why you should not get this feature film length record.

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