Disillusion - Gloria

11 songs
51:14 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


Comparing the two Disillusion albums Back To The Times Of Splendor and Gloria is quite a complicated thing as there are nearly no similarities between both albums. While their debut had been a progressive sounding mixture of different metal genres, Gloria goes a huge step further and limits the metal elements to a marginal aspect. The only similarity between both records is the construction time that took more than two years what can be seen in the complex song structures.

The sound is still progressive, but Disillusion are not a Dream Theater copy. In fact the term "progressive" should here be used in the sense of innovative, unusual and impossible to compare. My first impression of the album was even a bit disappointing as Gloria is less accessible than their debut. But the album needs some time to reveal its brilliance and after every spin, it's possible to discover other fantastic moments on this record.

The music is so diverse that it is also impossible to find the right expression to describe the music style. The opener The Black Sea is a darker track sounding like a bombastic version of the Sisters Of Mercy's Temple Of Love. Dread It underlines Disillusion's love for dramatic moments and entertains with a Rammstein-like passage. Metal screams have become very rare and are only present on Don't Go Any Further and The Whole We Are In. The album contains more clean vocals and spoken word passages which make me think sometimes of Queensr˙che's Operation Mindcrime epos. But there's still much more behind it. Pop passages are discovered on Avalanche and Gloria, King Crimson jazzy parts and Prodigy electronica passages are spread over several tracks on the album. I could go on writing about the multiplicity in their music and I'm sure I would discover further weird passages after some more time, but I think you should listen for yourself to this unique piece of music. This progressive journey is once again fantastic and I wonder already now how Disillusion will surprise us in about 30 months with their third album.

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