Do Andro´ds Dream Of Electric Sheep? - Snapshot Lamento

12 songs
37:47 minutes
***** ***
Blade Runner / Winged Skull


During the last few years, there have been several line-up changes in Do Andro´ds Dream Of Electric Sheep? which explains why there was a three year gap between the preceding Adactapreface and the new Snapshot Lamento, even if there came a split single with Aggra Makabra in between.

There haven’t been too many changes though. DADOES are still playing an intense mixture of hardcore, punk, emo and screamo. This doesn’t of course mean that Snapshot Lamento is a disappointment, as the band was able to maintain their unique and incomparable sound. The opener Renaissance is a noisy, chaotic and loud track which immediately comes to the point. Vocalist Philippe, who’s also in charge of the synthesizer parts, displays an angry and restless persona. Even if some songs like Reveille, CitÚ radieuse and 4 Shots have some melodic moments, the musicians are most of the time treating their instruments without mercy, making you wonder when they are taking time to breathe. Yet DADOES never lose control over their work. Some of the slower material sounds like a more frantic Robocop Kraus which can be explained by the modern songwriting adopted by both artists. To add variation, there are also very aggressive tracks like the extreme New Voice and Pora which is full of unpredictable breaks. The use of voice samples adds atmospheric parts that benefit even such a brutal album occasionally.

Even if the differences between the last two Andro´ds albums are small, Snapshot Lamento has become a mature album which nevertheless portrays the band’s evolution. If they will finally find a stable line-up, I’m certain that more great music can be expected from this extraordinary band.

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