DOGMA - Black Roses

Dogma - Black Roses

10 songs
54:43 minutes


Maybe it's just me, but after listening twice to The Dogma's debut album Black Roses, I can't see why everyone seems to be so excited about this Italian band. So they know how to play their instruments, and the production is also what you would expect from such an item, but if you expect new elements to be added to the genre, you will be sorely disappointed.

The cover painting by Andreas Marschall (who did some really great stuff in the late Eighties and early Nineties) veers on the comical, contrasting severely with the dramatic song writing.

With most song between five and six minutes, you get an opulent feast with keyboards en masse, operatic vocals and the mandatory ballad to end the album and churn the milk. Only Temptation lifts my mood, a rare moment where the band actually surpasses itself, but apart from that, it sounds too much like a melodic power metal template.

It is no secret that there is only a fine line between self-confidence and arrogance, and The Dogma seem to have walked over it by far, with Singer Daniele thanking only himself and no one else in the credits, and to make things solid, guitarist Cosimo sends out a "fuck you" to everyone except the seven rows of people he thanks. As I am not among them, I'll send it straight back to him and leave the band with three meagre points. Black Roses doesn't deserve any more. If you are not original, be at least polite!

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