DOGPOUND - The Hellbum

Dogpound - The Hellbum

11 songs
43:55 minutes
***** **


So I really don't like melodic metal. I guess you noticed that already if you read some of other reviews on this site. And I am also sincere, The Hellbum is not a CD I would listen to all by myself, without a reason. But as a reviewer, I feel obliged at times to listen to stuff I normally would avoid. My first impression was the really funny cover artwork, which - I spied - has mostly been criticised on other review sites. What's wrong with a little cuteness, guys?

Anyway, although it may give you the impression of some pop punk band, Dogpound are a melodic metal band from Sweden. Sounds worse than it actually is, though. The first positive thing I noticed was the somewhat dirty production, raw enough to leave some graininess in the music. Sure, it's very melodic, and the vocalist has this really clear voice you associate with mid-Eighties American hair metal bands (ok, he has this Swedish accent that we learned to recognise from Europe), but the guitar has a certain edge to it, making you think that the guitar player would as well be at ease in a more rocking direction. The songwriting itself may not be spectacular, but it's done with such fervour that it is somewhat of a pleasure to listen to these guys rock. Notice my reluctance, he he, I don't want people to think that I actually like this, but to sincere, it's very well done.

With a more ballsy singer, this could have been a great album. The way it is not, it's probably aiming mostly at an AOR audience. Still, for a debut, this is very promising and showing a good deal of potential. 7 points!

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