DOL AMMAD - Ocean Dynamics

Dol Ammad - Ocean Dynamics

10 songs
59:20 minutes
***** ***
Electronic Art Metal


There have been many bands combining heavy metal with bombastic choirs. Best example are probably Therion who defined their sound with those trademarks. It would now be more than unfair to compare the Greek band Dol Ammad to the Swedes. In fact, it seems where most bands are rooted in metal music and acquire the classical components, Thanasis Lightbridge, leader of Dol Ammad, comes from an electronic background and assembled a metal band and a fourteen people high choir around himself.

Ocean Dynamics, their second release to date, starts with the four part Thalassa Dominion that takes up already more than twenty minutes of the album. The first part is rather moody and slow, with bubbling synthesizers, making for the intended aquatic feeling. The second and third parts are heading more into the symphonic metal genre, before the final part concludes with some crazy death metal parts. Lightbridge is a versatile keyboarder who assembled a talented band around himself, with a guitar player who has a background in avant-garde black metal, and Alex Holzwarth of Sieges Even and Rhapsody Of Fire fame on the drums.

Most of the remaining songs continue the operatic symphonic style, with the mixed choir of seven women and seven men creating prophetic atmospheres. Melodic rock singer D.C. Cooper shows up for a guest stint on Aquatic Majesty, and shows that a solo singer, apart from the choir, adds even more depth to the music. It’s hard to say, maybe a real singer would help to make the songs catchier, but then it’s the lack of a solo vocalist which distinguishes Dol Ammad from similar bands.

If Vangelis were to record a metal album, this is probably what it would sound like. Ocean Dynamics is an original piece of art that manages to be something unique in the metal world. It’s therefore rather unusual that the band releases its albums on its own label and still can convince with a more than appropriate production. Fans of symphonic metal are the definitive clientele of this CD.

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