DOMINE - Ancient Spirit Rising

Domine - Ancient Spirit Rising

9 songs
61:53 minutes
***** ***


Some bands become really boring after a couple of albums. Just take a look at Manowar who released early in their career four great albums and then deteriorated until they were nothing but a shadow of themselves. Domine from Italy seem to take it the other way. They were founded already in the early Eighties, even if they released their debut only in 1997. Ancient Spirit Rising is their fifth album, and although all the trademarks of epic power metal are still present, Domine took great care to add some depth to their lyrics, which means that on the new album only one song is about a fantasy novel.

From a musical point of view, the band also offers everything from up-tempo power metal smashers, like the opener The Messenger, the following Tempest Calling or the straightforward Sky Rider, to more progressive material like the title track or The Lady Of Shalot, where they effortlessly play ten minute suites without any lengths.

Singer Morby (not Moby!) has a rather high voice which of course is not to everyone’s taste, but after a couple of listening sessions, it all seems to fit. Ancient Spirit Rising is the album of an experienced band, and it shows. Instead on relying on clichés, Domine have grown mature enough to try different new elements which makes their music more diverse and therefore much more interesting. A recommended album for every fan of epic power metal in the style of the mid-Eighties.

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