Dominic - Nord

10 songs
35:16 minutes
***** **


Norway has always been a fertile breeding ground for mathy indie rock bands. JR Ewing, Kaospilot and Rumble In Rhodos were among the early pioneers and have all gathered respectable success over the years. Dominic from Trondheim are also not newcomers, with a first demo seeing the light of day in 2002 and the self-titled debut longplayer following in 2006. Nord is their second studio album and offers eight brisk post hardcore songs plus two instrumentals.

The four musicians are acting flawlessly on a technical level, with two guitars delivering fierce riffs that despite their complexity always remain accessible. The rhythm section is laying the groundwork that makes sure that nothing gets out of hand. The harsh vocals that sometimes even make excursions into screamo-land fit the overall mood. It speaks for Dominic that they have find the right balance between ambitious musicianship and hard hitting indie noise rock power.

You can only accuse the band of not trying hard enough to sound original. Although Nord is entertaining throughout its short thirty-five minutes, it eventually tastes too much like a typical new millennium indie rock album that although combining successfully the abrasiveness of hardcore with the accessibility of indie rock, it is only another such album in a long string of releases by bands that preceded them. If you like the aforementioned Norwegian bands and other suchlike artists (Blood Brothers, Les Savy Fav,…), then Dominic is definitely worth checking out. Just don’t expect anything groundbreaking new!

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