DOMINICI - O3 (A Trilogy - Part 2)

Dominici - O3 (A Trilogy - Part 2)

9 songs
54:27 minutes
***** **


Charlie Dominici made his way into rock’n’roll history as the vocalist of Dream Theater’s debut album When Dream And Day Unite in 1989, before he was replaced by the much younger and more photogenic James LaBrie. Fifteen years later, Dominici entered the stage with Dream Theater to play an anniversary gig, showing the world that there is no bad blood between him and his former band mates. That’s why it is not so surprising that his new band, unoriginally called Dominici, sounds a lot like the prog metal kings, although the song writing rarely achieves the same stellar geniality of his previous band.

O3 (A Trilogy – Part 2) is still not a bad album, actually better than most music currently sold as prog rock, with the good parts definitely more present than the weak moments. In fact there are no bad songs, only the overall presentation is pretentious at times. Why, for instance, start an album with an eight and a half minute instrumental opener, when the band is named after its vocalist? The following eight songs are shorter, if not always short.

The dynamic Greed, The Evil Seed is the album’s highlight, as it’s combining hefty prog metal with a honest angry attitude. The Real Life hints back at Mr Dominici’s musical past, and the many spoken intros recall more than once Queensr˙che at the height of their career.

This could have been a more original album, if Charlie Dominici and band had opted for a more open and daring approach. As it turns out, they still delivered a solid prog metal album which is essentially interesting for every fan of Dream Theater, possibly and hopefully a vast group of people targeted.

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