DoomDogs - DoomDogs

6 songs
42:51 minutes
***** ***
High Roller


DoomDogs are a quartet from Gothenburg in Sweden and were founded in 2007. The band name may not be overly original, but their eponymous debut album fortunately convinces much more with good music.

The members are still very young and haven’t been active in any noteworthy bands before, but that doesn’t prevent them from sounding like old-timers. The album starts with the nearly nine minute long Fight The Greed, a rather sludgy track which reminds of classic Black Sabbath. This slightly mystical sounding piece comes with low tuned instruments and raw vocals. Next up is Dogs Of Doom, the shortest and most rocking number featured, with comparisons to Crowbar being in order. The following The Game is my favourite moment, with the guitarist adding a psychedelic flavour allowing the listener to really let loose. I’m Sure is another piece of timeless doom history that shows parallels to Trouble. The nine minute long Calling is the longest track and strongly displays the band’s stoner rock influences. The album ends with Shout which starts at quite an elevated pace before moving to slower rhythms, and thanks to its numerous instrumental parts, there is a whole lot of variety.

DoomDogs have certainly not delivered a revolutionary album, but I doubt that this was their intention. They simply play timeless doom metal and spice it up with stoner, hard rock and some psychedelia. The most important fact of the matter is the undiluted fun the musicians have playing their music, and with enough good riffs and ideas, they let the audience partake of the great time they are having.

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