DOOMSWORD - My Name Will Live On

DoomSword - My Name Will Live On

9 songs
54:38 minutes
***** ****


It must be cruel living in an Italian body when your soul is obviously Scandinavian. A self-help group from Italy decided to get together as a Northern doom metal band called DoomSword, and they have been releasing since the end of the last millennium quality doom metal albums which would have you seeking really hard in Norway or Sweden to find something equally good. After a long four year break, the Italians are back with their fourth album My Name Will Live On, and the first thing that strikes the eye is that some of their songs have become shorter, so that their new effort has a fine balance between long, epic tracks and shorter power songs.

This makes for a more varied feeling than in the past, and although I still prefer their more epic tracks, like the opener Death Of Ferdia or the two last songs, Once Glorious and The Great Horn, the intrusion of smaller songs gives them overall a more dynamic feeling, not that their new CD would be a step into a new direction. No, they just refined their concept.

Some bands can really annoy me when they don’t overhaul themselves, but for a band like DoomSword that is into traditional Nordic doom metal, a genre that’s not so used like emo or metalcore, it’s fun to hear bands that improve in small steps, showing that they are still far away from becoming weary, old men. I can only recommend without reservations this new masterpiece of epic doom metal. It’s hard to find anyone doing this better at this time.

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