DOS HERMANOS - Walter Rufer (Der Himmel ist blau, ich auch)

Dos Hermanos - Walter Rufer (Der Himmel ist blau, ich auch)

8 songs
19:03 minutes
Blumenbar / Gutfeeling

Walter Rufer was a Swiss author who was born in 1931 and died at a too young age in 1975 after suffering from cirrhosis. In 1963, he was writing his poetic diaries about idling, drinking, and a girl called Marie. He was always quite close to luck, but eventually it always escaped.

The CD comes with the original text, although my promotional copy only contains the music. Josť from the Dos Hermanos discovered this book by chance in a box. He showed it to his band mate G. Rag and both were amazed by the funny stories. During live shows, they read some passages to the audience which appreciated this work, too. So, in cooperation with Blumenbar, the book was reprinted and sold together with a CD.

Dos Hermanos play lo-fi country that reminds me of the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?. The vocals sound a bit like those of Dirk von Lowtzow from Tocotronic, a band that also follows a more minimalist line. The CD contains six songs based on the book lyrics. There are two spoken word tracks where Andreas Giebel and Dos Hermanos are reading short passages from Walter Rufer’s book.

The CD alone doesn’t work very well, but together with the book, it’s quite an original package.

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