DOZELIMIT - Constructions Of The Highest Architecture

Dozelimit - Constructions Of The Highest Architecture

7 songs
44:08 minutes
***** ***


Siberian winters are long and freezing cold, and because art all too often imitates nature, the Russian duo Dozelimit from the city of Omsk has created the perfect soundtrack for the unforgiving region they call home. Their record label files them as an experimental ambient and doom/sludge metal band, but the latter may be misleading.

Evgeny Vasiliev and Anton Artemiev both play guitar and do programming, which results in feedback heavy guitar drones full of eerie effects. There are no drums in their untitled sonic elaborations (I have a hard time calling them “songs”), which reinforce the ambient nature of the music, although of a kind light years away from the soothing, esoteric kind. At first it all sounds very bewildering, with Dozelimit being so different from what we normally get to hear. But once you spend some time with their feedback orgies, you’ll discern subtle nuances in the actually very versatile guitar playing. At times they just hesitantly offer discreet notes that threaten to drown in the noisy backdrop, but they also don’t shy away from sluggish doom riffs, as can be heard on the sixth track which I believe to have heard already on Dirgenera Compendium I, a compilation full of extreme doom metal music also released by RAIG.

Dozelimit are definitely not for everyone, but those who can take pleasure from the more extreme outputs by Sunn 0))) and Nadja might most likely find a lot to like in this experimental construct that boldly juxtaposes fragile beauty and harsh noise.

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