DRAGONY - Legends

Dragony - Legends

10 songs
52:18 minutes
***** **


Austrian band Dragony was founded in 2007. In late 2011 they self-released their debut album Legends. It didn’t take long for Limb Music, a record label specialised in melodic power metal, to take notice and sign the sextet. Now the CD has been re-released with a bonus track, which didn’t feature on my promo thought, so the review is only about the original material.

Dragony are quite traditional when it comes to playing music. Therefore it’s no surprise that the album starts with a bombastic intro which is seamlessly followed by the fast and melodic Burning Skies, on which Primal Fear’s frontman Ralf Scheepers is guesting on vocals. He’s not the only one doing a cameo. Furthermore you will encounter Tom Tieber (Ecliptica) and Katie Joanne (Siren’s Cry), the latter delighting with her soprano voice on the eight minute long Vaults Of Heaven. This is also the most dramatic track with strongly arranged choir parts. Despite piling it on rather heavily, the entertainment factor is undeniable. The symphonic component is also quite dominant, allowing for comparisons with Edguy and Kamelot.

Considering that it is a debut effort, Legends is no small feat. The six musicians have worked hard to keep the balance between fast and dramatic parts, resulting in a most varied album. Although you won’t find a truly weak track here, you might still leave with the impression that you have heard everything somewhere else before. Also, the more I listen to Legends, I can’t help the feeling that the production could have turned out more dynamically. Finally I want to give special praise to the concluding Alcador, which doesn’t fit in with the preceding material. This is flawless arena rock that might as well have come from Meat Loaf.

I hold the firm conviction that Dragony are talented musicians, but they haven’t yet reached their full potential. If they can remedy on the aforementioned weak points, we can certainly expect much more from these guys from the Austrian capital city Vienna.

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